A few thoughts on single motherhood….

Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks.  If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I am a single mom to three perfectly perfect (yeah right!) children aged 6, 4, and 2.

I not really sure why but the past few weeks of summer I suddenly felt a little overwhelmed with life.  Getting everyone ready for school to start, making sure to cross the last of the things off of the summer bucket list, being everything to everyone all the time was finally starting to take a toll on me.  School has since started for us, and only having one child for 4 hours a day while the other two are gone (and if I’m lucky that child sleeps for a couple of those hours) has done wonders for my sanity!

Being a single mom is no joke.  Neither is being a mom with the support of a husband, but I would not know much about that either.  Even when I was married I still felt very much like a single mom. Being a mother is general is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Being “on” all the time will wear anyone down eventually though.  I am finally feeling more like myself, I started dating a great guy (yay!), and getting back into a routine has done wonders for my little family.

I feel like I am getting stuff done, like my house doesn’t look like constant chaos, and I am finally showering daily again.  You know, the little things.

So with my divorce almost final (yay! I swear the courts move slower than molasses), I am settling into this new routine of life, which will hopefully include more blog posts for you all!


12 thoughts on “A few thoughts on single motherhood….

  1. Eileen Sanborn

    Hi There Pretty Lady ~ The timing of this blog post couldn’t be better. When I was at church about 80 weeks ago (it was really about 6) I was sitting in the overflow area a few rows behind you. You know how much I love your kids (and your family) and I was admiring how cute they looked, how happy they were, and that they knew they belonged to you. But. I couldn’t help but feel bad that you were having to do this on your own. I know your amazing family will/has/loves doing anything they can for you and you have a batch of great friends, too. But – it is not the same. I thought to myself that I felt it was time for you to find a guy you enjoyed letting into your life. Not only to spend time with you but to also slowly be a part of the kids’ lives. Your life. The kids’ lives. His life. I don’t want to imply that you weren’t making it work, this single motherhood journey you’re on. You. Are. Amazing. You could teach classes on Surviving Single Motherhood and doing it well. But. I believe that we are meant to experience joy and sharing the responsibility of parenting with someone who is joyful, nice, kind, hard-working, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, fun, smart, and willingly takes on this role is the way I believe it’s supposed to be. When I married Tim I knew I was marrying an instant family. His three children were going to become part of my life and I part of theirs. And I loved that. They were/are such wonderful kids – and they were part of Tim. How could I not love them? Thankfully, for some reason, everything worked for us and got better and better over time. I am so incredibly grateful for those first three kids we had before Katie and Erin. Because although Tim is not here anymore, all of our kids are and then the grandkids, and I’m assuming some great grandkids some day. So many times I see a flash of Tim in something they say or the way they are using their hands, or laughing, or being angry, or being grateful. And I love that. Well, dang, I didn’t mean for this to become a thesis. I just appreciate your honesty and candor in this post, I appreciate your friendship, I appreciate what a good mother you are, and I appreciate the fact that you realize you deserve to be happy and feel secure. I’m thinking you might be one of my heroes???
    Take care Steffani!

    1. With Love from the Vine Post author

      Oh my gosh Eileen. Thank you so much. I seriously can’t read this without crying.

  2. Judy

    Eileen’s reply is wonderful. I think she speaks for all of us who have watched you become the amazing woman you are. You keep going! The next decade is going to be amazing!

  3. Sarah Cathey

    So glad you’re finding some happiness. Nobody deserves what you’ve been dealt, but you handle it with grace.

  4. Stephanie McClellan

    You have always been an amazing mother!! I appreciate the great example you have always been to me.

  5. Sheryl Nelson

    Eileen couldn’t have said it better!! You are such a good Mommy and you deserve the best! Steff, I have been where you are, I know how hard it is honey, and I pray that every day gets better and better for you. Don’t feel as if you have to always be strong, I have learned that through life, you have to have a break and talk through your stress. I am so glad you found someone to date that is good enough for you!! Love you honey, hang in there, you are really doing a great job <3

  6. Lia

    I’m so proud of you Steff! You are amazing! And I truly mean that! I have only one child and I know now how much goes into being a parent and being present for your little ones- and I have a partner that helps tremendously too. So hats off to you- I’m in awe of the fortitude and love single mothers exhibit for their children. My mom was a single mom for all her life as a parent she’d say and she is my hero- even more so now that I am a mom myself! I know your children will see you the same, if they don’t already do. Glad to hear you’re making time for some well deserved happiness for yourself as well. :)


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