American Girl Cafe-Restaurant Review

My daughter had a birthday last month! I can not believe she is 6!  For her birthday this year, she wanted to go on a birthday adventure instead of having a party.

So off we went to the American Girl Store at the Grove in LA. Many doll outfits later, we finally made our way to our reservations at the cafe. I have to say, it really was perfect and Romi had so much fun!  It was a great way to spend her birthday!


The decorations in the cafe are super cute, all done in black, white, and bright pink.


The waiter made sure to seat Romi’s doll,


and even placed her hands up because she was excited for Romi’s birthday! They even had matching birthday crowns for both of them!

The food was really good too!  You order from a prix fixe menu, but with the choices offered there is something for everyone.


We started with cinnamon rolls (which I forgot to get a picture of until I had already eaten mine and cut up Romi’s)


Then they brought out this cute little veggie platter.  Those little pretzel rolls were really good!


Then I ordered the grilled veggie sandwich.  I was really impressed with the vegetables.  They were thick cut and grilled to perfection.


Romi ordered the chicken tenders, and she loved the fruit skewer.


How cute is this??? They even brought out a cup and saucer for Romi’s doll (that she got to keep!)


And I couldn’t get over this!  A doll holder in the restroom, so you don’t have to put your doll on the ground!


There were also these little boxes on the table full of questions for each other like “If you could be any animal, which one would you be?”  Romi got a kick out this!  Its something out of the ordinary that we have never done before!


Then they brought out this huge birthday cake just for the 2 of us!  Romi got to blow out the candles and everyone sang happy  birthday to her!


The cake was really good, and I mean really good. The restaurant even packed up the rest for us to take home.


At the end of our lunch, Romi got a little gift bag full of goodies for her doll (including a doll shirt that you can only get if you have a birthday lunch at the cafe, you can’t buy it in the store!)

Overall, this was  great experience!  The only negative thing I can think of is it is a little pricy, but it was still way less than throwing a birthday party!

If you live remotely close to an American Girl store I would high recommend eating at their cafe.  This truly was an experience to remember.

7 thoughts on “American Girl Cafe-Restaurant Review

  1. Kristy Song

    How fun!!! Romi looks so cute and it seems like she had a great time! I can’t wait to take Makenna and Emery when they are a little older. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Nicole

    Can you tell me how much that birthday package was? I’m going in May with my daughter and turned down the birthday package but I think it might be a good idea. Even if just for the cake alone :).

    1. Post author

      It was so fun and well worth the money! We did this instead of a birthday party and even though its a little pricey ($39 for kids and $29 for adults for the birthday party) it was still cheaper than throwing her a huge party, and I think she had more fun! I highly recommend it.

    2. Post author

      The birthday package was great! On top of getting that awesome cake, your daughter (and any friends she brings) get a special gift bag. There is lots of fun stuff in there including a shirt for her doll that you can only get if you have your birthday there. They don’t even sell it in the store! Its $39 for kids and $29 for adults.


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