My wedding day

Ready for a photo dump???

My wedding was beautiful whirlwind of day!

Getting ready was so surreal….

Matthew and Steffani-33 Matthew and Steffani-21

My handsome husband….Matthew

Matthew and Steffani-67 Matthew and Steffani-59

Our colors were navy blue and yellow.  My bouquet was unreal, it was so beautiful.

Matthew and Steffani-65

Our extended families….

Matthew and Steffani-116

Matthew and Steffani-284

Matt is one of 8 (!) boys!

Matthew and Steffani-145

My maid of honor, my stunning sister

Matthew and Steffani-154

Oh yeah, did I mention that our wedding was going on the same time as an airshow?!?!

Matthew and Steffani-206

Matthew and Steffani-246

Matthew and Steffani-247

Our beautiful children…

Matthew and Steffani-282

It was such a great day.

Matthew and Steffani-295

Matthew and Steffani-302

But you know it was all about the food right??

Mini BBQ beef sliders

Matthew and Steffani-358

Shrimp Cocktail

Matthew and Steffani-359

Stuffed Mushrooms

Matthew and Steffani-362

Tortillini Skewers

Matthew and Steffani-363

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Matthew and Steffani-364

A gorgous fruit and cheese display

Matthew and Steffani-366

Matthew and Steffani-369

Matthew and Steffani-370

An awesome cheesecake bar and beautiful cake

Matthew and Steffani-360

Matthew and Steffani-356


Thanks to my awesome mom, who shopped for and planned all of the food and my wonderful aunts for helping her!

It truly takes an army to pull off a wedding and mine was perfect.

It was the wedding of my dreams and a day I will remember for the rest of my life.




2 thoughts on “My wedding day

  1. colleen

    The pictures you posted are beautiful. It was an awesome day. The weather was perfect. The clouds were stunning.
    Your children were so well behaved and took part in the wedding as if they were adults.
    The food was out of this world. And of course I ate too much.
    I am so glad you and Matt are married.
    Love, Grandma


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