Sarah’s Bridal Shower {party ideas}

One of my best friends, Sarah, is getting married!


Isn’t she beautiful???  I’m one of the bridesmaids and I couldn’t be happier for her or more excited to be in her wedding.

Her bridal shower was last month and was held at Jeanine’s house.  It was gorgeous.


This is the view from her kitchen of the Griffith Observatory in LA.  So pretty.

I was asked to the food, which I think is the most important part of the party (of course!)

Here’s what I made:


Spinach Dip from my mom’s old school cookbook that I am going to steal one day when she is sleeping.

(Just kidding mom, but not really.)


Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes from that same awesome cookbook.


My grandma Betty’s Spanish Quiche.


I had a few guests who were gluten free and some that were vegan, so I made sure to include some hummus and gluten free crackers.

I also had some store bought bruschetta and some toasted baguette.  I can’t make my taste as good as Trader Joe’s, nor can I make it for how cheap I can buy it.

Now for the sweet stuff! The best part!


My Carrot Cake Petifores (that are vegan and gluten free) were the first to go.  (They are really good and you can’t tell they are vegan and gluten free.)


Then I made my Nutella Swirled Cheesecake bites (which are decidedly not vegan or gluten free!)


And to round out the dessert menu, a Strawberry Lemon Trifle.  (I used this recipe for the lemon whipped cream.) I layered angel food cake (because using angel food cake makes this a diet dessert), strawberries, and the lemon whipped cream.  Yum, yum, yum.

If you are ever looking for a quick and easy dessert with a big wow factor, a trifle is the way to go!  You can get a trifle dish at Walmart for less than $10.00 (I know it’s a little cumbersome to store, but it’s worth it).




{the beautiful mother of the bride, Greta, getting her cards read}

There were tarot card readings, which by the way were so fun!  I had never had my cards read before and was scared to death that she was going to tell me I was going to die tomorrow but it was nothing like that at all! So fun!


And foot rubs!  So relaxing, especially in the this setting.  The home was so gorgeous and foot rubs outside with that killer view were just amazing!


This is what I brought.  A doughnut pan with all the fun toppings you need to make lots of different doughnuts!

It was a hit! (I think more so with Russ, Sarah’s fiancée.  He was really excited about when she got home.  As would I be!)

Congratulations Russ and Sarah!  I can not wait to share your special day with you!

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