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Have you guys ever tried some of the frozen pastries they have at Trader Joe’s?  The chocolate croissants are a must try.

Then at for Christmas breakfast, my dad busted out these new frozen pastries called kouign-amanns.  They were so good.  Better than the chocolate croissants even.

Then this month’s Bon Appetit magazine showed up and what is the featured project for the month?

Homemade kouign-amanns. The recipe didn’t seem that hard, so I thought why not? Plus, no fancy ingredients or equipment.

And let me tell you they are worth every single minute!

IMG_0569 IMG_0571

You start by making a pretty straight forward yeast dough. Then the waiting starts.  At this point the dough need to double in size, be punched down and then raise until doubled in size again.


While you are waiting for your dough to raise, make your butter block.  Beat together cold butter with some sugar and little salt and form it into a block. Stick it back in the fridge while you are waiting for the dough to finish raising.

(And yes the ruler is a necessity in this recipe, sorry)


The the fun starts! Roll out the dough big enough to encase your butter block, then fold the dough around the butter. In the second picture, the dough and butter get folded into themselves.  Crimp the edges a little but to make sure no butter leaks out.

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