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Chocolate Sweet Rolls

Ok guys.  These just might be my best invention yet.

So over the holidays, when I was making my famous cinnamon rolls, I had a wacky thought.

What if I could make these chocolate? And  you know what?  It totally worked and they are so good.

What better way to kick off the month of love and chocolate than with chocolate sweet rolls?  There is no better way in my opinion.


Since my cinnamon roll dough starts with vanilla pudding, I just used chocolate instead!  I have to say that the chocolate dough was an easier dough to work with!  Much more supple (eww I hate that word, but I can’t think of anyway else to describe it!) and just seemed to come together really well.


So you roll out the dough, slather it with butter and sugar, and sprinkle it with mini chocolate chips.

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