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German Chocolate Cake

Christmas has come and gone and now it’s time to party for New Years!  And if party means watch the ball drop east coast time and be in bed by 9:00, then that’s my kind of party! This german chocolate cake has a lot of step, but they are easy steps and well worth the effort.

IMG_8307 IMG_8312 IMG_8314

Start by baking off your cakes, and when they are cool cut them half.  I never have much luck just eyeballing it so this is what I do.  Using a ruler find the middle of the cake.  This time for me it was 1 3/4 cm.  Then put in a toothpick to mark the center.  I did this four times all around the cake.


Then just go for it!  Place your hand on top of the cake and follow your toothpicks to cut the cake in half.

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