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Fried Turkey Tutorial

Yeah, I know, I know.  Thanksgiving is over.  But people still eat turkey for Christmas right?  Well at least we do in my family.  I know all the hype out there about how dangerous frying turkeys can be, but if you take the proper precautions you will be rewarded with a delicious and moist turkey.

First thing would be to buy a turkey fryer.  I would not suggest making your own.  Once you have your turkey fryer and turkey, take your turkey (still wrapped) and place it in the fryer and cover it with water.  Remove the turkey and mark the water line in the pot.  That is how much oil you will need.  We use peanut oil to fry our turkeys.

My dad is the deep frying master in our house, thanks Dad for the pictures!

IMG_7726 IMG_7728

Start by picking your marinade.  If you are a loyal reader you know my affinity with spicy food.  Well, that has to come from somewhere right?  My family is the same why.  Enter Frank’s Red Hot deep fried turkey.  It adds just enough kick to make this turkey awesome.  You can use any kind of marinade though.  We also did one with barbecue sauce.  You can use any store bought marinade or make one yourself.  Be warned though that the marinade needs to be really smooth.  If your marinade has any chunks in it, you will want to blend it up really well until its nice and smooth. Making sure to use a smooth marinade will ensure that your injector doesn’t get clogged! Inject your turkey with as much or as little marinade as your would like.  You better bet that we used a lot of hot sauce in ours!

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Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Streusel Topping

Need a last minute sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving tomorrow??? Well here it is.  Twice baked sweet potatoes with streusel topping.  Does it get any better than this?


Start by cooking off some sweet potatoes.  I like to try and get some that are about the same size so they cook at the same time.


When they are fork tender they are done.


Cut in half and scoop out the flesh. Be really careful to leave some flesh in the sweet potato jackets as the skin by itself is really flimsy and will tear easily.

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Roasted Green Beans

Still looking to add to your Thanksgiving table?  Still not that big of a fan of green bean casserole, but feel like green beans should be included somewhere?  Enter roasted green beans.  A quick and easy side for Thanksgiving or any night of the week.


Start by trimming up your green beans,

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Red Hot Cranberry Sauce

Sooo, in another life I was a special education teacher and boy did I love it.  Then babies arrived and I decided to be a stay at home mommy for awhile.  While I was a teacher one of the Adapted Physical Education teachers gave me this recipe for cranberry sauce (hi Karen!).

IMG_7142 IMG_7144

Cranberries and Red hots?  Huh?  But it totally works and its sooo good.

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Pilgrim Hats

These Pilgrim Hats are a spin on pigs in a blanket. My kids love to cook and anytime they can help me in the kitchen I let them. They had so much fun making these Pilgrim Hats, plus its something that kids can contribute to the Thanksgiving table.


Start by chopping a couple of hot dogs into fourths.

IMG_7014 IMG_7015

Stand them up on a parchment covered cookie sheet.


Break open a can of crescent rolls and separate into triangles.


Drap the triangles over each piece of hot dog.


Use a small cookie cutter or glass dipped in flour to cut off the excess dough. I have a ton of these tall glasses from The Old Spaghetti Factory floating around my house.  Any one else have that problem?


Get some cute assistants to help you with the rest.


I don’t think my 18 month old was that into it :)


Once all of the hot dogs are covered, bake them off.


While the pilgrim hats are baking, slice up some lunch meat into strips and cut some cheddar cheese into little squares.


Then just wrap the lunch meat around the hat like a belt and place the cheddar cheese square over the ends where it meets.


So fun for all ages!


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Pilgrim Hats
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Pilgrim Hats
Serves: 4
  • 1 can crescent roll dough
  • 2 hot dogs
  • 3 slices of thick cut lunch meat, cut into strips
  • cheddar cheese, cut into small squares
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cut each hot dog into fourths.  Stand up each hot dog piece on a parchment lined baking sheet.
  3. Separate the crescent roll dough into triangles.  Drape each triangle over the hot dough, stretching to fit if necessary.
  4. Cut off the extra dough with a small cookie cutter or glass dipped in flour.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.
  6. Wrap each pilgrim hat with a strip of lunch meat and place the small square of cheese over the ends.
  7. Eat!